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Never Run Out With Tank Monitoring!

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Increase your peace-of-mind and keep your family comfortable with delivered fuel tank monitoring from Pioneer Oil and Propane and Tank Utility.  

Subscribe to our Tank Monitoring Service to:  

  • Avoid Run-outs Save Energy & Money
  • Get Alerts When Your Tank is Low
  • Monitor Your Tank When Away  

See your tank level from your iPhone or Android device!

Receive information about our tank monitoring service:

Great for 2nd Homeowners, Propane Generators and/or Your Own Residence

Or call us at 508-645-4000!

How It Works

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1. Subscribe to our Tank Monitoring Service!

Congratulations! With the annual tank monitoring service you get a device for your tank and unlimited access to the mobile app to give you peace of mind that your family will stay warm this winter!

2. We Professionally Install The Device On Your Tank

One of our team members at Pioneer Oil and Propane will professionally install the device on your tank. We will continue to monitor your tank level and maintain the device as you rent from us.

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Tank Utility Mobile App

3. Download the Pioneer Oil and Propane Mobile App!

Once the monitor is physically installed, you can download the Tank Utility App for Pioneer Oil and Propane customers. Visit your mobile store on Apple or Android.

We'll provide you with the Device Number for your tank so set up your tank information and be ready to see your tank level in a matter of minutes!

4. Use the App To Stay Warm and Safe This Winter!

With our tank monitoring service, you'll see the real-time tank level of your tank from anywhere and be able to set alerts when your tank gets low!

You'll have the information needed to prevent run-outs this winter ensuring that your family is safe and warm this winter.

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