Log In to Tank Utility Portal and App

Below you’ll find the appropriate URLs to use Tank Utility.

For Fuel Marketers

Tank Utility Solution

If you are a Fuel Marketer, you’ll want to login to our Tank Utility Operations Portal. The link below will provide you access to see the real-time tank level of your customer accounts and delivery efficiency over time.

Access Tank Utility Operations Portal for Fuel Marketers

For Homeowners / WiFi Users

If you are a Homeowner or Business that purchased a WiFi Monitor from our website, you have two ways to view your data.

Tank Utility Mobile App

1. Through the Mobile App

Once your monitor is set-up and connected to your WiFi network, you can download our Tank Utility Mobile App and enter your information. Once entered, it will display your tank level and consumption data in the mobile app at real time.

You can download the Mobile App via the links below:

Apple Store

Google Play

2. See Mobile App in your Computer Browser

You can also view the same tank level view in the Mobile App on your computer browser. To do so, visit the link below and login with the same credentials you use for the Tank Utility mobile app.

Access Tank Utility Mobile App via my computer browser