Increased Battery Life

Increased Battery Life and More Timely Alerts

This summer we will push a configuration update to your devices that will improve alerting timeliness and extend battery life to 10+ years!

The following default device settings will be updated: 

  • Devices will record tank level and check for alerts more often (every 4 hours) 
    • Produces more timely alerts 
    • More timely detection of rapid consumption 
    • More accurate data for consumption forecasting 
  • Devices will transmit a reading every time there is a 5%+ change in tank level since the last transmission 
    • Produces more timely transmission of rapid consumption 
  • If tank level has changed less than 5% and no alerts or rapid consumption have been detected, devices will transmit every 4 days 
    • This increases the battery life of typical Gen 3 and Gen 4 monitors from 7 years to 10+ years! 

Which Devices Receive Changes to Settings? 

All devices except those for which the customer has changed settings from initial default parameters. If you have set custom transmit intervals for any of your devices, those devices will not receive the updated configuration. (i.e. We won’t mess with your custom settings.) 

What Else Will Be Affected?

The way an “offline device” is categorized will change. Since we expect tanks with no substantial activity to go longer than 3 days between transmissions, we are changing the way we track device health. With this new configuration, we will account for the longer expected transmission schedule when we determine whether to flag a device as offline.