Best of Tech at NPGA New Product Showcase

Looking to find out about the latest tech in the industry? The NPGA New Product Showcase is the perfect place to find new-to-market products that can help run your business more effectively. We’re highlighting the most exciting new tech products that will be featured in the showcase this year. For a full list of products in the showcase – including our personal favorite the Cajun Bayou Griddle – see the NPGA’s website.


NPGA New Product Showcase:


Company: Advantage Route Systems

Product: Mango Sx4 – Rugged Android Laser Scanner
The Mango Sx4 is a new, rugged handheld Android scanner for warehouse inventory tracking. Features include Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity, GPS and high-resolution camera.



Company: Datiotec Electronics

Product: Levelgas
Levelgas is a tank level sensor that replaces the R3D gauge face on the outside of a tank, and sends tank level data to a smart phone via Bluetooth connection.



Company: Tank Utility

Product: Cellular and WiFi Tank Monitors
Tank Utility’s brand-new, best-in-class product includes field-serviceable batteries, multiple connectivity options, and apps for both you and your customers. You can access detailed tank information and metrics in their operations portal, which works on any device from your desktop computer to your smart phone.



Company: Technology Assurance Labs

Product: Underground Tank Monitor (PIT RADIO)
OWL’s Pit Radio is a propane tank monitor designed for underground tanks. It uses a 2 watt radio to transmit tank data to a nearby tower. You can access the data via their portal software on a desktop computer.