Employee Spotlight: Francesca Levya

Francesca Levya is the Field Operations Manager at Tank Utility and is from Miami, Florida. Two words which embody Francesa would be electric and expressive. Francesca’s diverse interests such as her two savannah cats, conspiracy theories, and baking are just a few of the things which make her a valued team member here at Tank Utility.

Career Questions

Q:  What brought you to Tank Utility?

A:  I’m from Florida but I came here to go to law school at Northeastern. I came from the nonprofit scene and was doing some really emotionally demanding work and was feeling kind of burnt out. When I was browsing around for a new job, my fiance actually sent me the job posting for Tank and when I looked at the description it was actually a lot of stuff that I like to do.  

Q: Is there anything you particularly enjoy about working here?

A: I enjoy the people here as well as how challenging my job can be. The people here are super nice and willing to go out of their way to help and I think that’s different than other places I’ve worked at.  I feel supported here and I like that it’s something different every day. I also like that there are a lot of different moving pieces and it’s really the challenge that I enjoy. Another perk is that I’ve gotten to go to exotic places such as Wisconsin. 

Q: Can you explain your exact role at the company and what that entails?

A: My title at the company is the Field Operations Manager. We have a bunch of field technicians who actually install our product and do the replacements, maintenance and monitoring service. Basically, my role at the company, aside from making weird facial expressions, is to oversee, hire, and train the technicians. 

Getting to know Francesca

Q: What’s something not many people know about you?

A: Something a lot of people don’t know about me is that I passed the bar on my first try, so I’m actually a licensed attorney. I’m not practicing law right now, but if I wanted to I could. Another thing is that my dream job as a kid was to be a dolphin trainer.  I haven’t had a lot of experiences with dolphins but I would see them occasionally in the Sarasota Bay hunting at sunset which was pretty cool.