Don’t Have a Turkey Disaster!

Fall is here and that means the leaves are changing, kids are back in school, and the holidays are approaching. It also means that the temperature is dropping rapidly! Before we know it we’ll be cranking up the heat and taking our coats and hats out of storage.

Winter is approaching quickly, and you rely on propane all season. You may heat your home with propane, keep your showers warm with propane, you possibly even cook with propane.

We once heard a story about a big family that had gathered for Thanksgiving. Everyone was ready for a delicious meal, but the extra heating and hot showers in the house caused their host to run out of propane unexpectedly and they couldn’t cook their turkey!

As inconvenient as a raw turkey is, there are more serious concerns about running out of propane. Pipes freezing and bursting could cause damage to your house and threaten your safety. Now is the time to make sure that you and your family aren’t caught by surprise this season.

Most of the time fuel suppliers don’t allow customers to run out of propane, but with 1-2% of households encountering run-outs each year, it’s a gamble. The Tank Utility monitor provides an easy solution. The monitor connects to your propane tank through an easy installation process and measures how much propane is in your tank. The monitor uses a cellular connection to send tank level data to an app on your phone or computer. You’ll be able to see what your tank level is, as well as your historical data so that you can see your own usage trends.

When the amount of propane in your tank falls below a certain amount your app will send you an alert, giving you peace of mind in a season that is often so unpredictable.

You’ll always know how much propane you have available just by checking your phone.

Make propane one less thing to worry about this winter. Order your Tank Utility Monitor today.