New Customer Check-Up List

Fuel Delivery Efficiency Analysis Series: New Customer Check-Up

This article is part of our series on fuel delivery efficiency. Tank Utility offers every customer our detailed Delivery Efficiency Analysis Report using their delivery history data. The report helps fuel suppliers to benchmark their performance and find ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Fuel Delivery Efficiency Series:

  1. Fuel Delivery Efficiency Analysis Overview
  2. Average Drop Size – Actual vs. Ideal
  3. Avoidable Delivery Costs
  4. Accounts Where Heating Degree Days Don’t Work
  5. Run-Out Review
  6. Red-Flag Accounts
  7. New Customer Check-Up

New Customer Check-Up

Attracting and retaining new customers is a challenge for all fuel suppliers. A lot of customers consider the first year of service with a new fuel supplier like a trial. Will they take care of me? Will I run out of fuel? It’s important to get service right in that first year to keep a customer for the long term.

New Customer Check-Up List

But the problem with new customers is that you can’t predict their usage patterns. Going too often is costly, but running a customer out may cause them to switch to a new supplier. We recommend a review of all new customer starting with those with the largest tanks as in the chart above. Using a tank monitor with your new customers will help you get their service level right from the very beginning and help you give them peace-of-mind that they won’t run out.

Delivery Efficiency Analysis

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