New Smart-monitor at NPGA New Product Showcase 2016

Tank Utility, a leading innovator in smart-monitoring solutions, will be debuting two new remote monitors and two software platforms at the 2016 NPGA expo. The NPGA expo is the propane industry’s largest event, with thousands of attendees each year. The 2016 expo will be held in Nashville Tennessee, at Music City Center, from April 8th through 10th.

Tank Utility’s cell-enabled remote monitor will also be featured in the new product showcase, which highlights products that have been brought to market within the past year.

Stay Informed With Connected Monitors

Tank Utility will be debuting two types of remote monitors at the NPGA expo this year: Cell-enabled monitors and WiFi-enabled monitors.

Tank Utility’s connected monitors are a great solution for portfolio-level monitoring. Monitoring provides accurate, up-to-date data on your customers’ fuel needs, which will give you confidence in prioritizing deliveries and reducing unnecessary deliveries. Access to data allows for optimization that can save your company money in fuel and labor costs!


The WiFi-enabled monitor reads the amount of fuel in a tank via a Rochester remote-ready dial, and sends that reading to Tank Utility’s servers over the WiFi network at your customer’s home. A simple app helps you connect the monitor to the WiFi network, and assign your customer’s details to the monitor.

Since the data is stored in the cloud, you can access it anywhere, at any time – at the computer in your office or on your smartphone while you’re in the field!


The cell-enabled monitor has an even easier installation procedure! Just one press of a button, and you’re all set. This is a great solution for a location without consistent WiFi, or if you want to deploy a large quantity of monitors as seamlessly as possible. Data is stored in the cloud for easy access.

These cell monitors are a new innovation from Tank Utility – check them out at the NPGA New Product Showcase this year!

Access Your Data Easily From Anywhere

It’s important to see your data anywhere you go, so readings from the Cell and WiFi monitors can be viewed on two software platforms.


Tank Utility provides an easy-to-use app that is great for homeowners who want to watch the level of one or two tanks. These monitors, paired with this app, provide a great way to engage your customers, and keep them feeling confident in your services. They’ll have insight into their tank level, and stay up to date on fill-ups.




Of course, having access to remote data is valuable, but the real power of these monitors comes from the portfolio-level monitoring software tools provided by Tank Utility.  The Management Portal is designed to track many monitors, and help you leverage your data for increased efficiency. You’ll have the power to view data from specific monitors, set alerts for when tank levels drop, see an overview of tank levels, and more. Managing a portfolio of monitors will help you optimize deliveries, and save money!

Be in control of your business with portfolio-level smart-monitoring and management software. Check out Tank Utility at the NPGA expo 2016!