Tank Utility unveils the LTE Multi-Carrier Tank Monitor with autonomous network switching capabilities for the ultimate in reliability and connectivity

Tank Utility today announces the launch of its new LTE Multi-Carrier tank monitor, the first monitor on the market to enable autonomous switching between multiple cellular carriers.

The all-new upgraded LTE Multi-Carrier tank monitor has been engineered with eSIM technology, making it capable of automatically connecting to and switching between the four major US carriers – Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, and US Cellular – along with dozens of regional mobile network carriers.

Unlike devices that use a dual-sim card to manually switch from one cellular network to another, Tank Utility’s Multi-Carrier monitor automatically connects and optimizes for the best network connection.  This protects against coverage gaps and network failures, ensuring reliable tank-level readings are delivered to customers.

“If a monitor is moved to a new location or there is a temporary cellular network outage, the Multi-Carrier monitor will automatically find the next best available network,” says Dan O’Connell, Senior Director of Product at Tank Utility. “With Tank Utility, fuel marketers no longer need to manage multiple monitors based on cellular coverage or manually switch from one network to another when setting up a monitor. We’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation. All you have to do is deploy your monitor and leave the rest up to us. It’s effortless.”

Improved durability and battery life means monitors stand up to harsh environments for longer.  Upgraded IPX8 water protection improves durability, while flexible, cold-ready cables designed by Rochester Gauges make for easy installation in cold temperatures. The monitor uses field replaceable batteries with a standard 7+ year battery life expectancy, with up to 11+ years possible based on transmission schedule.

Fuel marketers interested in purchasing the LTE Multi-Carrier tank monitors can reach out to Tank Utility here to learn more and get started.