Announcing Tank Utility

First off, thanks for your interest in my new venture!  Although Tank Utility entered the world just a month ago, I’m ready to share some details with you.

So, what exactly is the problem I’m solving? In a nutshell, I’m creating the first consumer-centric propane level monitoring system. Not for grills, though. People just did that. Instead I’m thinking on a larger scale – tank monitoring for propane-heated homes.

Why homes? I started Tank Utility because I realized propane consumers have some really costly and frustrating pain-points, mostly because they don’t have an easy way to see how much fuel is left in their tank at any given time, or, more importantly, to understand how long that fuel will last. Given my background in energy and technology, I had a great solution in mind, one that the Tank Utility team is bringing to market very soon!

To understand what I’m doing, think about the gas gauge in your car. It works because it’s centrally visible anytime you’re behind the wheel. You always know how much gas you have left in the tank and how far that gas will take you. Owners of propane-heated homes aren’t as lucky: their gauges are on tanks that are buried in snow half the year and because occupancy can vary – especially for those vacation homes – it’s hard for owners or suppliers to accurately forecast how much propane’s being consumed.

So I asked propane consumers: “What if, instead, your gauge was on your phone?”  “What if you could get an email or SMS notification when you’re running low?“

Although most people were interested, I quickly learned what they really wanted was assurance they would never run out of fuel – this was especially true for second homeowners. These are the people who have felt the pain of not realizing until it’s too late that their home’s gone unheated due to running out of fuel.

Running out of propane in the winter is a nightmare. Frozen pipes cause an average of $20k in flood damage according to the insurance industry, not to mention the frustration of losing personal belongings.

So, in effect, what Tank Utility’s offering is peace of mind and cost savings via our remote monitoring system.

So how much does it cost?  Truthfully, it’s cheap.  No monthly charges to see your tank level.  No hidden fees.  Just simple modern technology finally being put to use for propane consumers.


3 thoughts on “Announcing Tank Utility

  1. Good morning!

    I am looking for a way to not only see the full/middle/empty status our propane, but to know exactly how much has flowed through the meter.
    Is this possible?

    Thank you,


  2. Does the metering device work in Canada?
    I have three 240 size upright tanks linked together so that one rwould read all tanks and a wifi system. Plus an Iphone.

  3. My tank utility monitor was showing a decrease of propane of about 0.1 gal/day. With the new usage display I can’t read the individual days as well. I do discount the temperature drops which show usage because of the contraction of the propane.1.5%/10 degrees F.
    I use the propane only to power a generator which exercises for 20 minutes a week. This uses a predictable amount of propane.
    Is the drop of 0.1 gal/day likely due to a leak? Is there some kind of drift in the gauge? What are the possible explanations?

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