Adding tank groups to monitors

Operations Portal: Configuring Tank Groups

Tank Utility has just added a new feature for users of the Supplier Operations Portal to configure tank groups as clusters of monitoring devices. This is commonly used in situations where you have multiple branches, zones, or subsets of customers that you’d like to link together and filter on. Configuring Tank Groups Step-By-Step For more detailed […]

ank Utility Gen 3 WiFi Tank Monitor

New WiFi Tank Monitor

The best WiFi tank monitor just got even better! What makes our newest WiFi tank monitor better? You’ll get the same great experience through our iPhone or Android apps, and the physical hardware is now more durable and easier to install! Improvements include: Intuitive multi-colored LED feedback for the setup process Quick tank mounting with […]

Tank Utility partners with Bolt

BOSTON – August 20, 2015 – Tank Utility, a leading provider of metering software and infrastructure for delivered fuels, has partnered with hardware-focused venture capital firm Bolt. The partnership was announced today and is focused on accelerating Tank Utility’s hardware development and manufacturing.     Tank Utility provides smart meters for propane and fuel oil […]

MassCEC Catalyst Grant

BOSTON – June 26, 2015 – Tank Utility, a leading provider of metering infrastructure for delivered fuels, has been awarded a $40,000 Catalyst grant from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC). The award was announced today after several months of judging by experts from the venture capital, energy, and clean tech sectors. The award is […]

Continuous Improvement

One thing that’s great about our internet-connected LPG tank monitoring solution is that we’ll never stop making improvements. And while small-batch domestically manufactured devices allow for rapid hardware improvements, I share a bit more about what we’re doing with software. There’s a lot happening and a lot of new features coming! Software on the device […]

Dave visually inspecting PCB


The saying “hardware is hard” is repeated often because many start-ups lack experience with hardware manufacturing.  Most setbacks occur in this step of bringing new products to life. Our team still has a lot to learn about the delivered commodities industries and consumer pain-points, but we have plenty of experience collecting energy data with connected […]

Smart Meters and Benchmarking

Smart meters for delivered fuel customers offer all the same advantages as those for electricity, and then some! Logistics of deliveries are difficult. It’s hard to know the optimal time to deliver, especially when weather is the only estimate of tank level. A lot of people confuse smart meters with energy monitors. We’re building functionality […]

Hardware, Firmware, Tank Level Somewhere

We’re working through the final details. Our hardware works great. So does the App for remotely viewing tank levels. But configuring the device for WiFi relies on some pretty tricky firmware. One really hard part of what we’re accomplishing is giving you intuitive feedback from the device. While we’re really happy with the physical install […]