Continuous Improvement

One thing that’s great about our internet-connected LPG tank monitoring solution is that we’ll never stop making improvements.

And while small-batch domestically manufactured devices allow for rapid hardware improvements, I share a bit more about what we’re doing with software.

There’s a lot happening and a lot of new features coming!

Software on the device

One of the greatest advantages of internet-connected devices is that software running on the device can be seamlessly updated.

This software running the microprocessor in your tank monitor is known as firmware. It’s responsible for all of the logic about when it will wake up to take a reading and send your tank level out to the Tank Utility cloud servers.


As we continue to sell and deploy more devices, we sometimes encounter new scenarios. For example, one customer’s internet service provider (ISP) was really slow to issue our device an IP address.   Our device was too impatient, so with a quick firmware update we told all our devices to chill out when making this step in the connection sequence.

So how does that work? Well, it’s rather complicated. The good news is that you don’t need to worry about it. It just happens.

Software in the App

In case you missed it, we now have apps in the App and Play stores. The web app is still available, but we realize most of our customers are on-the-go and a mobile app is the preferred method of checking tank levels remotely.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.16.09 AM

You’ve probably already seen that you can view a trend of your historic levels in a chart. This is just the start!

We had a request from a supplier to offer a portal for ordering the next delivery. That’s such a cool idea, although we weren’t sure it appeals to everyone since many folks are on automatic delivery. We left it in the app to see your interest. If this seems like something you want, let us know.

Right now we’re putting the final touches on alerting functionality. This is the top requested feature. While we appreciate those of you logging in to the app every day, we know you might only want to login when the tank level is below say 25%.

We appreciate your patience and feedback as we add these new features!

One thought on “Continuous Improvement

  1. Nick, System works great, keep updates coming! I’ve contacted you in the past about extending the distance between the guage and NEMA box. I’d like to try this but need to order a Rochester Guage Hall Effect Module 9701-00014. I can only get them through you as an authorized distributor. I have the required cable and connector to your board. Could you please reply with a cost and availability. Thanks.

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