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Customizing The Propane Customer Experience

Is there such a thing as the “propane customer experience”? You better believe there is. And if you’re not the one thinking about it, then one of your competitors definitely is.

We’re not going to try help you define the entirety of your propane customer experience (from sign-up and installation to service and billing, there’s a lot to think through). Instead, let’s take on a small part – how can you meet customer demands for different levels of engagement? Some customers want to keep close watch over tank levels and propane prices; others want to be totally hands-off. How do you bridge these two opposing sides of the “propane customer experience” spectrum?

Customizing the Propane Customer Experience

An Active Propane Customer Experience

We totally get the customers that want to be in control. In fact, that’s really how Tank Utility got started as a company. Our co-founder had a propane run-out at a vacation home and vowed not to let it happen again (so we understand well the psyche of active propane customers). Since then, we are the only company selling propane tank monitors directly to homeowners and other propane end consumers to meet this need. And as the only tank monitoring company in the propane space with an Apple and Android smartphone app, we see first hand how consumers want to manage their propane consumption and be alerted for low tank levels. Fuel suppliers that work with us can share the app with their customers and those homeowners in turn get the feeling of control that they want.

A Passive Propane Customer Experience

On the other side of the spectrum, we’re also helping fuel suppliers show the value of tank monitors to customers that want to be hands-off. Consider a customer with a pool heater in Florida or a cabin in New Hampshire or a generator in California. Whether you’re a snowbird, a ski bum, or just a homeowner trying to be protected when the power goes out, checking a propane tank isn’t something they want to be doing. When your customers know for sure that their propane supplier is watching their tank level with a tank monitor, you’ll be able to deliver the truly passive customer experience they want with full peace-of-mind.

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