I’ve never had a propane run-out. Why do I need a tank monitor?

I’ve got a bunch of propane appliances at my home. I use it for space and water heating, my stove in the kitchen is propane, I have a backup generator, a pool heater in the back yard, and my clothes dryer is connected too. My tank is massive, I’m already on automatic delivery, and I’ve never had a propane run-out. Why do I need a tank monitor?

Avoid Propane Run-Outs on Your Appliances

That’s just a hypothetical situation but maybe you have a couple of those appliances. Or perhaps the automatic delivery from your supplier has worked flawlessly and you  have never had a propane run-out. There’s still good reasons to look at a propane tank monitor whether you ask for one from your fuel supplier or install one for yourself.

You’ve got more than a couple of uses that are not weather dependent (your generator and pool heater and dryer to name a few). Your fuel supplier is generally going to deliver to you based on the temperature outside. This type of fuel consumption forecasting is based on degree days, essentially using cold weather to estimate how much fuel is being used to heat your home.  But this completely won’t help if you’re low on propane when a summer thunderstorm comes through and you need to use your generator. Or you have a summer BBQ and turn up your pool heater. With a tank monitor and our smartphone app, you’d be able to set up a low tank level alert and get an email in time to call in and ask for a delivery before that storm.

Consider how many of us interact with our banks. You have automatic overdraft protection that moves money from your savings into your checking account. But you still expect your bank to text you when your balance is low. Automatic propane delivery is good, but you’d get even more peace-of-mind when you get a notification. Talk to your fuel supplier about how they can help give you the information or consider installing a tank monitor of your own.