Employee Spotlight: Alexandra Abbott

Lexi is a born and bred New England gal, full of interesting facts and undying love for plain spaghetti with salt & olive oil. She is dedicated to solving any issues our customers may have, which makes her a great asset to our Customer Success team!

Q.) Tell me about where you’re from? Are you from Massachusetts originally?

A.) I’ve lived in pretty much every county in Massachusetts you can think of. I currently live in the most fun part of Newton – Newtonville, which is one of 13 villages. It’s home to funny people like Bj Novak & John Krasinski (The Office) and Matt Leblanc who played Joey from Friends. 

An interesting fact about Newton is it has its own language in terms of how we greet people. For example, you may say, “Hey what’s up dude?,” “Hey man,” or “Hey bro,” but we call our friends mush. Like “Hey, mush!” “What’s up mush?” It’s all very old Italian slang.

Q.) What’s your professional background?

A.) Sales and Consulting for Start-Ups.

Q.) What brought you here to Tank Utility?

A.) I stopped consulting and went back to waitressing, did some nannying, and traveled around. Consulting burnt me out and I needed a little break – classic millennial move, I know. During that break, I realized I always had an interest in environmental energy. So I googled energy start-ups in Boston, and Tank Utility was one of those startups, It just felt like a good fit from the first interview to the last interview.

Q.) What are your responsibilities in this role?

A.)  I make sure customers stay happy and enjoy using Tank Utility as a product – both the hardware and software. I continue to foster and grow the partnership with customers as we work together to reach their goals. 

Q.) In your opinion, what’s the best thing about Tank Utility?

A.) The people. Hands. down. There is no debate. Not just the people I work with, but the customers as well. They are great.

Q.) Describe Tank Utility in 3 words.

A.) Flexible, resilient, convivial.

Q.) If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

A.) Make the perfect croissant.

Q.) 1 thing most people don’t know about you? 

A.) I don’t know how to ride a bike.

Q.) Last song you listened to?   

A.) Money By Cardi B

Q.) What is one thing you cannot resist?

A.) Plain Spaghetti noodles with salt and olive oil.