Employee Spotlight: Peter Hairston

Peter Hairston is a Customer Success Manager here at Tank Utility. He works with the Customer Success Team to ensure that customers receive the support and information they need to be as successful as possible.

Q.) What exactly do you do at Tank Utility?

A.) I’m a part of the Customer Success Team so I work with propane marketers, helping them implement Tank Utility’s solution to achieve their goals. I onboard customers, build reporting systems, and provide resources such as marketing programs, free webinars, and everything else we offer as part of our partnership program. Basically, I try to get the most helpful, relevant information out to the greatest number of people.

Q.) What is your Professional Background?

A.) Before Tank, I worked for a couple of large financial services companies doing customer service. Prior to that I worked in retail management.

Q.) What are the three best things about working here?

A.) First, I really like the people that I work with. I feel like I can relate to all of them and not just in a professional sense where if I need help with my work, they can help me. I can always ask people for help but we also all get along really well here.

Second, I like that the company is small enough that I don’t feel like there’s the stratification that happens at larger companies. In a larger company you may never meet or even see the person in charge of the company. Here, I could reasonably go up to our CEO, Amos, grab a cup of coffee and chat with him about work or anything else. I really like how close everyone feels, and I think it makes us work together better. This is by far, the best place I’ve ever worked.

Last, I like that the work I’m doing is green energy adjacent in that it’s working to meaningfully clean up an industry that is closely related to pollutants. It makes me feel like I’m doing something helpful to impact the environment.

Q.) What are three words to describe the culture here?

A.) Close, warm, and sane. Sane sounds kind of weird, but what I mean is that it feels like everyone respects that we all have lives outside of work too.

Getting to know Peter

Q.) Are you a local or did you move to Massachusetts?

A.) I moved to Massachusetts. I’ve actually moved around a lot. I grew up in upstate New York, then I moved to Boston for a while, then to Ohio to go to college. I ended up living there for about 10 years and then I moved back here to Boston. I really like it here and I definitely fit in with the culture. 

Q.) What’s your favorite movie genre and favorite movie?

A.) My favorite genre is sci-fi horror. My favorite movie is Alien- the first one.

Q.) What are your top two favorite hobbies?

A.) They’re really dorky. I play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons. The other thing that I do is a lot of scale modeling. So, putting together toy soldiers and tanks and then painting them.

Q.) What would you say is your favorite cuisine?

A.) Indian food.