Propane Meter Improvements

The scoop on the new propane meter design

We have a great new propane meter design coming off the assembly line! We have been testing this improved version for weather resilience, ease of connecting to WiFi networks, and excellent battery life. The new propane smartphone app for configuring the device is in the app store and will be in the play store shortly.


Tank Utility Propane Meter

Keep things simple

Our biggest challenge is also where we think our product excels. Great design is all about making things easy. We’ve been testing our connection process on folks that don’t consider themselves “tech savvy” leaving them with only the instructions in the app.  The new app is proving to be way more user-friendly and intuitive.

Built to take it

We take product reliability very seriously. We also take Mother Nature seriously, since she can dish out some elements that electronics hate. We’ve made design tweaks to improve resilience, but we’ve been testing these new propane meters in conditions that most units will never see– such as total water submersion.

Life gets easier

When batteries die, remote metering devices become useless. We hear a lot of fears and horror stories, so we have made it mission critical that our device use very little battery power.  If the battery starts to run low after 3 years of continued use, you’ll get an alert so you can replace them with nothing more than 3 more AAs and a phillips head.  It’s that simple.

Same price

All of our revisions were meant to improve our product, but we managed to keep this product affordable at the same time. Order your propane meter today.

2 thoughts on “Propane Meter Improvements

  1. Really interested in your product. One question: How long is the cable between the coupling to the tank and the unit box? My tank is located behind a concrete wall so wifi signal is poor, but it´s much better within a couple of feet. Could I order a longer cable?

  2. Nick
    First I would like to applaud you for doing something that I have been talking about for 4 years to the company that I work for(Amerigas). As and industry we are very slow to adjust to new technology, but we are fast accepting the new technology and would like to help introduce you to Amerigas. I’m a senior account manager with Amerigas in Charleston,SC. I have been in the propane industry for 25 years and have experienced the many calls from out of gas customers that has driven you to delevelop this much needed device.
    Please reach out to me direct, so I can help you sell and bring tank utility to more customers, so I can cut down on the phone calls that I get from out of gas customers
    David Dangerfield
    843-443-3500 cell

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