Six customers who need a tank monitor: #3 propane generator

The Six Customers Who Need A Tank Monitor

  1. Propane Pool Heater
  2. Propane Greenhouse Heater
  3. Propane Generator
  4. Second Home Owners
  5. Propane Refill Station
  6. Propane Restaurants

The next in our series of difficult to track customers is the propane generator customer.  If you haven’t been keeping up, check out the first and second entries of this series.  Our top six list is a result of analyzing the thousands of connected tanks we monitor across 46 states and Canada.

Outside of the often unreliable local outage report from utilities, it’s difficult for propane marketers to know when their customers experience a power outage.  Propane generator tanks contain a week’s quantity of fuel, so calling or going door-to-door to identify customers in need is likely to result in a run-out.  Marketers can avoid these run-out scares by using a tank monitor that sends an alert when the generator tank level drops rapidly or moves below a fixed threshold.  Let’s look at a marketer successfully handling a generator account in the graph below from our software portal. 

Initially we see the customer’s tank declining slightly due to the occasional lubrication cycle. Then the generator turns on and burns about 10% of it’s tank capacity per day for three straight days.  In this case, because of the tank monitor, this marketer received an alert that the customer’s propane generator was active and was able to make a delivery before the customer ran out. After the delivery, the power returned and this marketer won’t have to worry about returning until the next time a storm (or a squirrel in the transformer) hits!

Propane Tank Level for Propane Generator Customer

Propane Generator Customer

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