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Six customers who need a tank monitor: #2 propane greenhouse heater

The Six Customers Who Need A Tank Monitor

  1. Propane Pool Heater
  2. Propane Greenhouse Heater
  3. Propane Generator
  4. Second Home Owners
  5. Propane Refill Station
  6. Propane Restaurants

After first looking at propane pool heat customers, our second of six most difficult to forecast customers is the propane greenhouse heater customer.  We arrived at this customer after reviewing the usage and delivery history from thousands of tanks we monitor.  

Usage for these accounts is nearly impossible for a propane marketer to predict.  Consumption depends on the type of products grown in the greenhouse and the harvest schedule for those products – sometimes the greenhouse is full and other times it is empty but often you as the marketer are the last to know.  Let’s take a look at the data to see how a tank monitor can eliminate the guesswork for a marketer.

After a 50% delivery this propane greenhouse heater customer harvested a portion of their products and thus shut down one of the greenhouses.   However, the marketer continued to deliver on the same bi-weekly schedule.  You can see from our software portal below that keeping the same schedule reduced delivery sizes to 20-25% and even dropped as low as 10% during the spring harvest.  After the harvest and with rising summer temperatures the greenhouse used even less propane during the months of May and June.  Utilizing a monitor instead of delivering on a bi-weekly schedule would have allowed the marketer to avoid 3 deliveries in only 3 months!

Propane Tank Level for Propane Greenhouse Heater Customer

propane greenhouse heater

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