2019 Propane Operational Excellence Awards Report

Tank Utility Announces the Winners of the 2019 Operational Excellence Awards

Tank Utility, the leader in propane and heating oil tank monitoring solutions, is excited to announce the winners of the 2019 Operational Excellence awards. The awards recognize leading propane marketers who are using tank monitoring to drive business results and be as efficient as possible on their toughest accounts.

This Year’s Winners

We are excited to recognize the following propane marketers as winners for this year’s awards include:

The winners were determined through analysis of 300+ propane marketers including 60,000+ deliveries and over 18 million gallons dropped this past year from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019. They were all exceptional in their delivery efficiency and/or their use of tank monitoring to improve their engagement with customers.

Key Insights From The Awards

In coordination with the awards program, we produced our 2019 Operational Excellence Awards Report (get your free copy here!) where we have shared key insights from our research and best practices on delivery efficiency and marketing that was shared by the winners. 

There were a number of key insights in the report including:

  • Winners Earned More Per Delivery: Winners on average earned 20-30% more revenue per delivery than businesses that are not monitoring their accounts.
  • Location Wasn’t A Determining Factor: Out of 9 Delivery Efficiency Winners, we had propane marketers from 9 different states. While they all served different types of customers in their regions, they found different ways to be efficient with tank monitoring.
  • Engaging Customers with Tank Monitoring: All of the winners are providing a tank monitoring service to customers. While some offer this as a free value add with the mobile app, others are charging specific customer account types such as generator accounts. In every case, though, customers know that the propane marketer is using monitors to better serve them.

For more insights from the award winners and data analysis, you can receive your free copy of the report by signing up here or clicking the image below!

2019 Propane Operational Excellence Awards Report