Cargas Tank Utility integration

Tank Utility Launches Deeper Bi-Directional Integration with Cargas Energy

We are excited to announce the launch of our Bi-directional Integration with Cargas Energy. While our integration with Cargas has been around for a long time, sometimes the changes that take place under the hood are the most important. We just released a major update to how this works and wanted to share how it can save you tons of time with these two back offices.

What has changed?

A typical integration with a monitoring provider simply pushes tank level data into your back office. While that enables you to schedule deliveries more accurately, you have to re-enter customer info into your monitoring platform during set-up or make do without any account information on your monitors!

You already run your business out of your back-office software, and your team has spent countless hours getting your critical business data into that system. Re-doing everything in a new system is painful and time-consuming.

Our bi-directional integration with Cargas Energy eliminates all the extra work 

We’ve changed the way our system talks to Cargas so that data can flow both ways. This results in massive time-savings and fewer headaches.

Automatically provision monitors with customer data when deploying

As deployments with more and more of our customers climb into the tens of thousands of tanks, provisioning each monitor with basic customer data like name, address, and tank size quickly becomes a full-time job. Even if you’re not launching a deployment of that size, we’re willing to bet that you don’t have a lot of time to spare.

With our new bi-directional integration, we eliminate that work. Our platform quickly and easily syncs data from Cargas to Tank Utility during the set-up process. All you have to do is key-in the back office Account Number and we take care of the rest and display the results for you to verify.

This can save your team hundreds of hours in the install process, and we eliminate data entry errors.

Things change, including your data. Tank Utility automatically stays in sync with Cargas

Your customer information changes constantly. Every tank swap, every time a home changes hands, and every new equipment install gets logged in your back office.

Who on your team is in charge of copying all that data over to Tank Utility?

We’ve made it simple. You already run your business out of the back office, so when a change is made in Cargas, we automatically update Tank Utility with the new information.

Cargas effortlessly remain your source of truth for customer account information, and Tank Utility remains your source of truth for real-time tank level!

Get notified as soon as something isn’t right

Monitoring prevents run-outs, right? Only if there aren’t any other weak links in the flow of your data! If you are using your back office software to schedule deliveries based on monitoring data, a faulty connection to your back office or a data error could cause a run-out.

Tank Utility automatically provides real-time feedback on the status of the connection with your back office for each and every monitor. If data didn’t get to it’s ultimate destination, we’ll make sure you know about it so you can take action. And, as always, we monitor things from our side so we can jump in and help out if an issue crops up.

How do I take advantage of the bi-directional integration with Cargas Energy?

For Cargas users, it’s available now! Customers who already have the integration set up will automatically see the new features available within the Tank Utility portal. There is nothing that is needed to be done to use the new features other than to use them.

If you would like to enable this integration your install, get it touch! It takes us a day or two and we don’t charge for it.

If you are interested in learning more about the integration, contact your Account Manager or send us a note at marketing@tankutility.local. We would be happy to give you a tour of the new integration.

We’re focused on giving you control and making your life easier

With many of our customers deploying Tank Utility across a majority of their accounts, you need technology to work for you, to give you control instead of adding work to your day.

This update to how we integrate with Cargas Energy is just one of a long list of things we’ve recently launched that take some weight off your shoulders and let you get back to making deliveries:

Deployment and Managed Services

We now offer expert installation and maintenance of monitors in the field for ⅓ of the cost of sending your own service techs.

Lifetime Warranty

For managed services customers, monitors you from Tank Utility will be the last monitors you’ll ever need to buy.

Automatic Delivery Efficiency Reporting

How do you know your technology investment is paying off? How do you work with your team to continue improving? We make it as easy as viewing a report by automatically detecting and analyzing delivery size across your accounts.

We believe Tank Utility provides tremendous value for your business and we are continuously improving our solution to make it easy for you to monitor at scale, gain control of your deliveries, and remove risk from your business.