Propane Delivery Efficiency

Tank Utility Introduces Their Propane Delivery Efficiency and Benchmarking Dashboards

April 3, 2018 (BOSTON, MA) – Tank Utility, the leader in complete tank monitoring solutions, is announcing the launch of their Efficiency and Benchmarking Dashboards, an extension of their solution that includes hardware, software, and a consumer-facing mobile app along with marketing services for its customers. The launch will come at the 2018 NPGA Southeastern Convention and Expo with the Efficiency and Benchmarking Dashboards made available immediately to all current and new customers to help them improve their propane delivery efficiency.

Propane Delivery Efficiency

With the Efficiency Dashboard, Tank Utility automatically computes and pushes reports to propane marketers on drop size, operating efficiency and missed savings per tank and compare it historically to past business performance. This enables users to continuously make better decisions that drive higher margins in their business. Within the Dashboard, Tank Utility leverages machine learning to make real-time recommendations on customer tanks where propane delivery efficiency can be improved, providing real-time insight into the most efficient and least efficient customer tanks and accounts.

Propane Benchmarking Dashboard

Tank Utility takes it a step further with the Benchmarking Dashboard enabling suppliers to compare their propane delivery efficiency and average drop size not just based on their own delivery history, but with other suppliers, providing a real-time ranking among their peer group. Customers of Tank Utility can see how their performance improves or declines over time in relation to comparable companies based on location, services offered and customer usage types.

“The problem with many tank monitoring solutions today is that they create a lot of data but they don’t deliver it to you in a way that makes it easy for real-time and long-term decisions. We wanted to change that at Tank Utility,” says Tank Utility CEO Amos Epstein. “ With the launch of our Efficiency and Benchmarking Dashboards, we deliver actionable insight into the hands of our customers so they can improve operational efficiency today and long-term. Our goal is to enable easy, educated business decisions and it’s been great to see customers already taking advantage of this to improve their margins.”

To see a demo of Tank Utility’s Complete Tank Monitoring Solution, stop by Booth #1251 at the NPGA Southeastern Convention & Expo or fill out the form below to reserve your free demo monitor:

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