Consumer Mobile App Invites Screenshot from Portal

Product Announcement: Improve the Customer Experience with Easy Consumer Mobile App Invites

Did you know? A Consumer Mobile App that provides real-time tank level will makes a customer 3x more likely to recommend you to a friend and family member.

Today, Tank Utility is providing an easier way to get the mobile app into customer’s hands with the correct tank level information for their tank.

This is a screenshot of the Consumer Mobile App invite process in Tank Utility.

Improving Customer Retention and Engagement with Email Invites

Gone are the days of having to manually set up a customer to see their tank level via the Tank Utility mobile app. From within the tank monitoring solution, you can now send a personalized email invite to the customer with a link to download the mobile app with their tank information.

All you need from the customer is their email address and then you can match up the monitor ID with the customer. For the customer, the experience is seamless. The link provided in the email will include their tank and monitor information which will be pre-populated in the mobile app for easy setup.

As always, propane marketers can see which customers download the mobile app as well as the last time they logged in directly in the Consumers tab of the Tank Utility portal.