Offline Alert Email

Managing Tank Monitors: Offline Alerts and Device Health

Managing all of your monitored tanks is easy with Tank Utility’s tools for fuel suppliers. There are two key features in our Operations Portal app just for tank monitor device management: Portfolio Alerts for Offline, Deployment, and Threshold and the Device Health Icon. Here’s how you can take advantage of these two features immediately to be more aware of your tank monitoring system performance.

Offline Alerts

Offline Alert Email

Setting up offline alerts is one of the most important things you do for your system. In the Alerts menu, on the Defaults tab, you’ll find your list of default user emails and the alerts they are signed up to get. Users can receive alerts for offline and deployed devices as well as tank level threshold.

Enabling the Offline alert will generate a daily email with information like the one listed above. You’ll see the name and addresses listed on the tank monitor, as well as the device ID, the amount of time it has been offline, and a direct link to the device in the Operations Portal.

Device Health

Device Health Icon

The other quick way to view your system health is with the new Device Health Icon (shown in the left-most column in the screenshot above). The key to interpreting this icon is:

  • Green – the monitor has reported data in the past 48 hours and the tank level is greater than 30%
  • Red – the monitor has gone offline and/or tank level is below 30%

Together, these two features should make it much easier and more apparent which devices require your attention for troubleshooting or for low fuel deliveries.

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