Propane Scheduling and Forecasting

Product Announcement: Smart Scheduling with Tank Utility

As more fuel marketers rely on monitoring across more of their tanks, we are excited to announce Tank Utility’s newest innovation, Smart Scheduling!

Delivery Scheduling Tank Utility
This is a screenshot of the new Tank Utility scheduling view based on real-time forecasting.

A Real-Time Scheduler for Monitored Accounts

Our new Smart Scheduling feature enables fuel marketers to plan ahead and schedule your deliveries directly in Tank Utility. With this new feature, you can view deliveries and gallons needed for each day of the upcoming weeks, updated in real-time.

Smart Scheduling is enabled by Tank Utility’s real-time forecasting. Tank Utility automatically updates with every reading via their tank monitoring solution and uses things like tank capacity, historical consumption, and usage types to best estimate timing for your next delivery.

For customers with an integrated back office Tank Utility Smart Scheduling acts as a safety net, ensuring your highest-profile monitored accounts never fall through the cracks!