Our Progress – Monitoring Tank Levels

Thanks to everyone for their continued support.  We love your enthusiasm in the first WiFi-connected propane tank level monitor.

We get more emails everyday from anxious early adopters.  We know that propane tank metering is a real need in the market.  We’re still on track to fill this void and ensure you stay warm.

We’ve also got big news: Propane suppliers are coming forward with bulk purchases of our device.

Updates on Tank Utility’s Progress

Since our kickstarter campaign ended, we have refocused our energy to better understanding the needs of propane suppliers. As mentioned in the Boston Business Journal, we’re getting more interest from the fuel-delivery industry who is looking for new solutions to improve the efficiency of their operations.

We’re executing purchase orders and creating some innovative features for the the fuel supply industry.  There are many challenges to solve beyond preventing consumers from running out.

This has helped us substantially in two ways:

  1. We’re now able to spread out large fixed costs, such as testing and certifications across many units.
  2. We’re building features lead by industry professionals to integrate the notifications into value-add processes.

With so many end-consumers still interested in our monitor, we’re still working to deliver to the backers of our kickstarter campaign. If you missed that, please signup to be alerted that we’re opening up purchases to the public.

How Does the Supplier Benefit?

Did you know that the average consumer actually has a truck drive to their home and attempt to deliver two or three times more than necessary? A truck roll costs an average of $50 each for the gas, driver, maintenance, etc. So that’s up to $150 per tank of wasted trips.   However, most suppliers have minimal delivery charges so they have to cover this cost by increasing you the consumer’s rate per gallon.

If we can save money for suppliers and give consumers the visibility they want, we’ve created a win-win.   Actually, that’s a win-win-win if you include the environment and gasoline saved in the process—which is the other green benefit driving our team’s efforts.

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