Propane Tank Meters for the Elderly

Propane tank meters can help you remotely check on heating fuel levels for you or elderly loved ones.

In the U.S., many of us are becoming worried about our aging parents and relatives.  We are looking to IoT and home automation solutions.

Many folks are retiring to rural areas to enjoy natural surroundings and keep living costs low.  But many of these areas rely on fuel deliveries which can be interrupted by not keeping tabs on tank levels.


elderly urban vs suburban migrations

With the baby boomers starting to retire, this suburban and rural migration is happening rapidly.

My grandmother was splitting and hauling firewood well into her 80’s. She loved the exercise! But she’s an anomaly in many regards.

In some areas of the country with large snowfall, shoveling snow just to see a propane gauge isn’t an option for the elderly.

Propane suppliers are usually able to prevent consumers from running out, by estimating tank levels with weather data. But given the state of the technology today, isn’t a little insurance worth it?

We’ve solved the problem of securing a reliable propane supply and so you and your loved ones can get alerts in advance of real issues.

If you read consumer reports about propane suppliers, run-outs seem to be a big driver for complaints. Rather than pointing fingers after the fact, we suggest taking control with our propane tank meter.

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