Smart Meters and Benchmarking

Smart meters for delivered fuel customers offer all the same advantages as those for electricity, and then some!

Logistics of deliveries are difficult. It’s hard to know the optimal time to deliver, especially when weather is the only estimate of tank level.

A lot of people confuse smart meters with energy monitors.

We’re building functionality that will allow you to decide how you want to use your device.

An academic study based on existing trials showed that homeowners’ electricity consumption on average is reduced by approximately 3-5% through smart meters and reporting. We’re pushing to make the same possible for propane consumers.Neighbor Benchmark


For electric consumers, the country is currently migrating to Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meters. They are similar to automated meter reading (AMR) in many respects, but one substantial difference is the ability for two-way communication in AMI meters.

The brains of our smart meter have the ability to be updated with new firmware – so we can add features seamlessly.

But in a sense, our device and app is neither. We protect our customer’s privacy. If you want to share your current tank level with your supplier, you can chose to. It’s your choice.

Whatever you call our device, our intentions are to offer you peace of mind that you won’t run out.

But we’re also developing…

Energy Benchmarking

One of the great ways energy data is being leveraged is neighbor comparisons. You may have seen this in your electric bill.

The way energy is consumed is related to many factors including seasonal temperatures, occupancy, building size, age, etc.

New attic insulation should reduce consumption, but how do you compare when this winter might have been colder to last year?

People who can access their consumption data in an intuitive report are more conscious of their behavior and feel more confident making capital investments in energy-related upgrades

Rest assured, we have a line-of-sight to give you those analytics as well!

One thought on “Smart Meters and Benchmarking

  1. Hi —

    Fascinating, and potentially very useful for me as I have a vacation home in northern Michigan 325 miles from my main residence. I’m tired of worrying about propane quantity and delivery schedules, as well as asking my neighbor to slog out through the snow to read the gauge on the tank…..

    Are you currently delivering remote monitors? Is there a way to log the information, or read on demand rather than dumping data to your db? I would think that this would be very popular in rural areas and the current options seem few….



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