Hardware, Firmware, Tank Level Somewhere

We’re working through the final details. Our hardware works great. So does the App for remotely viewing tank levels.

But configuring the device for WiFi relies on some pretty tricky firmware.

One really hard part of what we’re accomplishing is giving you intuitive feedback from the device.

While we’re really happy with the physical install (mounting to the tank and inserting the press-fit sensor are simple and quick), configuring the device is tough. But we like a challenge, and we’re refining the firmware to make things simple for you.

So what’s so hard about firmware?

Once installed, your new interface for checking tank levels is your smart phone. No more trekking out in the snow. It will also provide feedback and diagnostics on your phone if issues arise.

However, until the device is connected, the hardware device needs to speak for itself.

I learned today that popcorn is the perfect microwavable food because despite the diversity in microwave models, you always get audible feedback that it is ready.

With that in mind, we have added an LED to flash for visual indicators. We’ve also added a buzzer, for additional sensory feedback and alerting.

Here’s a quick look at everything going on in our firmware behind the scenes.

logical flow of firmware

Don’t worry. You don’t need to understand all of it. And that’s the point of this post. We’re taking the confusion and frustration out of the equation.

A great experience is very important to our success. And while we’d love to ship because we’ve got hardware and software that work, that’s not quite good enough.

But we’re very very close to announcing a ship date! Stay tuned.

One thought on “Hardware, Firmware, Tank Level Somewhere

  1. Great Idea, I have been looking for an affordable user friendly product like this for some time. I am a general contractor that provides house watch services for many of my clients summer homes along the coast. This device will save me a lot of effort and give my clients piece of mind. Propane suppliers should just eat this up, maximizing profit by only delivering when a full tank is required and minimizing risk of empty tanks from poor algorithms. If you have not already, for the second generation consider adding temperature feedback. Have you considered teaming up with Quirky? Though I think their WiFi is not perfect it will get better and they have vast distribution (Home Depot) and GE behind them. Can’t wait, wish I had seen your Kick Starter promotion. I will pre-order several as soon as available.

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