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Tank Utility launches delivery ticket creation with Cargas Energy integration

Tank Utility’s best-in-class integration with Cargas Energy is getting even better. Last year, we introduced the first tank monitoring bi-directional integration with Cargas – making it fast and easy to add account information to Tank Utility from Cargas.

We’re taking that even further by enabling you to schedule deliveries in Cargas directly from Tank Utility – using the real-time tank level data you get from tank monitoring.

What is new?

Within our Smart Scheduling – you can now create Delivery Tickets in your Cargas back office directly from Tank Utility. This lets you:

  • Schedule Cargas delivery tickets based on their estimated optimal fill date predicted by Tank Utility
  • Automatically create optimal delivery tickets in Cargas for accounts that need a delivery, but don’t have one scheduled

Tank monitoring that works with you

We have worked with customers to find better ways to fit into their business processes. One of those ways is fitting seamlessly into the ticket pulls and dispatches that marketers are doing every day.

With Tank Utility’s new ticket scheduling in Cargas – we’re making it easier for tank monitoring to work for you where you run your business.

Want to learn more and get started?

Head to our Support documentation: Creating Delivery Tickets in Cargas or reach out