Our Progress – Monitoring Tank Levels

Thanks to everyone for their continued support.  We love your enthusiasm in the first WiFi-connected propane tank level monitor. We get more emails everyday from anxious early adopters.  We know that propane tank metering is a real need in the market.  We’re still on track to fill this void and ensure you stay warm. We’ve […]


Pros and Cons of Owning a Propane Tank

With the extreme propane pricing fluctuations during the 2013-2014 winter, Americans (especially those in the Midwest) are wondering what they can do to protect themselves from another expensive winter. Some propane suppliers may offer a fixed or ceiling rate in the summer, but if you missed that, your choices are limited for this year. Most […]

The Benefits of Working Out of Greentown Labs

We were honored when Tank Utility was granted membership to Greentown Labs in August 2014. Joining 47 other startups working on innovative solutions to big energy problems, we have access to benefits that go beyond just desks and prototyping space at Greentown Labs. Greentown Labs consistently provides on-site events and programs designed to enable members […]

Tank Utility Offers 5 Cost-saving Facts for Second-home Owners

Being a second-home owner in New England can prove costly due to the price of insurance and the major fixes that result from unmonitored home temperatures. Second-home owners who take heed of these 5 facts can spend that hard-earned cash made working all winter on fun in the summer sun instead of second-home repairs. Insurance facts […]

Introducing the Propane Level Monitoring System

Building the hardware behind Tank Utility’s propane level monitoring system was no easy task. I’ll let the pendulum of media coverage — which seems to swing from encouraging to discouraging for hardware startups — make those arguments. The propane level monitoring device falls under a category of hardware devices that certainly has it’s share of buzzwords: Home […]