Estimate fill date for monitored tanks

Product Announcement: Estimated Fill Date to Improve Real-Time Forecasting for Monitored Tanks

Real-time tank level is the most accurate view of your customer’s tanks but tank level percentage can only help you plan so much. 

As fuel marketers increasingly use real-time tank level in their delivery scheduling, Tank Utility is committed to using these measurements to provide the most accurate forecasting methods to determine when to deliver.

This is a screenshot of the estimated fill date for monitored tanks in Tank Utility’s tank monitoring solution.

The Most Accurate Forecasting for Variable Usage and Hard to Predict Accounts

Tank Utility goes beyond just real-time tank level to accurately predict the Estimated Fill Date for every monitored account. Automatically updating with every reading, Tank Utility analyzes factors such as tank capacity, historical consumption, and usage types along with real-time tank level to best estimate timing for your next delivery.

This method provides the most accurate forecasting for variable usage and hard to predict accounts, providing marketers with greater certainty on when an account is at risk for a run-out.

Update: With the release of Smart Scheduling and Forecasting, fuel marketers can now see Estimated Fill Date in a scheduled view. This helps them understand the bobtail capacity they need to fulfill at-risk accounts daily and helps them prioritize customers in their delivery schedule.