Temp Heat Tank Fill

Tank Monitoring for Temp Heat Accounts

Temporary propane heaters (aka temp heat) help to provide warm, dry air through the winter months for a variety of applications. For new construction and remodeling with masonry and concrete work or indoor finish work and painting, temp heat helps contractors work year round. The systems in these cases are providing tight temperature control and helping reduce indoor moisture. You’ll also find temporary propane heaters used in emergency situations or for special events in tents or on the sidelines of football games.

Temp Heat Tank Fill

Critical Temp Heat Made Better with Tank Monitors

In all of those cases, any kind of shutdown of the heaters could be extremely problematic. Construction work that is ruined, forcing costly and time consuming repairs and re-work. In other cases, it’s events that have to be cancelled because of heating problems. And one of the most frequently occurring problems with temp heat is simply running out of propane.

Fortunately, that one is an easy problem to fix. Whether you have limited tank capacity because of regulations or variable propane consumption from the heaters based on a customer’s schedule, a smart tank monitor would let you know exactly how much is in tank anytime. With Tank Utility’s Operational Portal App, you can review the propane consumption from one or more temp heat installations remotely, from anywhere. To help make sure your customers don’t run out of propane for their temporary heaters, we recommend a cellular smart tank monitor setup with critical and low tank level email alerts.

Other Customers that Benefit from Tank Monitors

Temp heat accounts aren’t the only propane customers that can benefit from tank monitors. Other uses that are hard to track, schedule efficiently, or forecast with degree days include:

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